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France & Schengen Tourist Visa from UK, Requirements

France & Schengen Tourist Visa from UK, Requirements

Here are the details for Tourist Visa France From UK for employed self employed or unemployed category. Go through these requirements and make your visa process hassle free.

Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements

  • Original and Valid Passport of the applicant:
    French Visa applicant must possess a valid passport issued less than 10 years ago. It should be valid for at least 3 months beyond the date of return from France and should contain at least 2 blank "Visa" pages as well. If the applicant is in the possession of any old passports, they should be presented along with copies of previous Visas.Get France Schengen Visa UK with us.

  • Passport Size Photographs (45 mm X 35 mm):
    Coloured Passport size photograph taken on white plain background should be glued to the Visa Application Form. The photograph should show all the facial characteristics of the applicant and should not be older than 3 months.

  • Schengen Visa Application Form:
    Visa Application Form contains 37 columns which should be filled with due care. The last column for declaration should be filled by the applicant/guardian along with the signatures. Any error in the Application Form will render it invalid.

  • British Residence Permit:
    British Residence Permit (Either stamped in the passport or in the form of biometric card) should be presented (Original as well as the copy and should exceed the validity of the requested Visa by 3 months).

  • Travel Itinerary:
    he travel itinerary should cover the entire period of stay in France and other countries of the Schengen Zone stating the places of stay along with dates of travel. Get your own Business Visa France from UK with our dedicated team at budget prices.

Documents of Employment Status

  • Employed:
    Last three months pay slips
    Letter from the Employer stating the position held in the company, salary rates and the starting date in the company ( Letter must be less than 3 months old)

  • Self Employed:
    Letter specifying applicant’s professional activity and starting date of business or source of income (Letter must be less than 3 months old)
    Revenues from applicant’s solicitor/accountant/Bank Manager or local Chamber of Commerce
    VAT Certificates

Travel Insurance

  • The travel insurance should be: 1) Valid for the countries in the Schengen Area   2) Valid for DROM/CTOM as per your itinerary
  • Minimum Insurance cover of EUR 30,000 (should cover medical fees and repatriation costs)
  • The insurance should cover the entire period of stay in the Schengen area (If the purpose of travel is for winter sports, medical insurance should be valid for those activities)

Travel Documents

The applicant should provide for confirmed return ticket to France if he/she is travelling by flight, ferry, train or bus or a booking (fully-paid) from the travel agent of the applicant. Know more about France Schengen Visa UK Fees.


The France Schengen Visa Application should be accompanied with rental agreement (if applicable) or confirmed hotel bookings of the applicant stating details like applicant’s name, hotel’s address and contact details along with intended dates of stay for the applicant.

If the stay of the applicant is sponsored by the resident of France, then an original “Attestation accursed” must be provided by the sponsor covering the entire period of stay (In case of family visit). The same can be obtained either from any Police Station in France or from the Town Hall.


If the applicant is not the owner of the car and driving as passenger then all the above mentioned docs of the driver would be provided. With that the driver must also provide a confirming letter which states that the applicant will be accompanying him or her in the passenger seat.

Apply For France & Schengen Tourist Visa from UK, Requirements

A france schengen tourist visa permits third-country nationals enter in the Schengen region for a max of 3 months within a 6-month interval , underneath the goal of visiting or traveling Europe for delight.

Who needs a France Schengen Tourist Visa When Traveling to Europe for Tourism?

Non-European citizens willing to go to Europe for tourism motives may be required to make an application to get a temporary Schengen visa beneath"tourist" specification.

What Documents are Required When Searching to Get a Tourist Schengen Visa?

When applying for a france schengen tourist visa , you have to submit These documents:
  • Visa application form. Fully done with accurate info, printed and signed at the end.
  • Two recent pictures . Taken in the previous few months, based on all the Schengen visa photograph requirements. Book Schengen France Visa Appointment in UK For Easy Stay with our highly dedicated visa expert team.
  • Valid passport. No elderly than ten decades and with a minimum validity of three months beyond your intended stay in Schengen. It has to possess at least two blank pages in order to become able to affix the visa decal. Get details in brief about France Schengen Visa UK Document Requirements.
  • Round-trip booking or itinerary. A document that features dates and flight numbers specifying entrance and departure from your Schengen region. Discover how to find flight booking for tourist visa programs.
  • Journey Health Insurance . Proof that you have purchased health insurance that insures health crises with a minimum of $30,000, on the whole period of the stay. The Insurance coverage can easily be purchased online from Europ Assistance or AXA Schengen.
  • Proof of accommodation. Proof that reveals in which you'll end up staying throughout your own time in Schengen. This really is a:
  • Hotel/hostel booking. With title, complete address, email and phone, for the full time you're going to soon be in the Schengen region.
  • Rent agreement. If you have rented somewhere, in the United states you will likely be staying.
  • Letter of excursion planner. If you are going to be touring with a tour agency.
  • Proof financial method . Evidence that teaches that you have sufficient cash to support yourself through the duration of your stay in Schengen. This could be :
  • Bank accounts announcement .
  • Sponsorship Letter. When yet another man or woman will be financially ridding your vacation to the Schengen Zone. It's also commonly referred to as an Affidavit of Support. Get a France student visa in UK to full-fill your study purposes in less time with our experts.
  • A blend of. Evidence of occupation status.
  • If utilized :
  • Work contract,
  • Depart permission by the company
  • Incometax Return
  • If self-employed:
  • A copy of your business license,
  • Corporation's bank announcement of their Hottest 6 weeks
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • In case a pupil :
  • Evidence of enrollment &
  • No-objection Letter from University
  • Journey Itinerary. An outline of your trip to Europe, your purpose of travelling, that places you will be going to see in Europe, enough time framework and the personal data. If you want to Apply France Schengen Visa UK then click here.
  • Journey Itinerary. An outline of your trip to Europe, your purpose of travelling, that places you will be going to see in Europe, enough time framework and the personal data. If you want to apply for Schengen Visa France from UK then click here.
    For Minors:
  • Lately delivery certificate / evidence of adoption / custody decree if mother and father are screened / death certification of mum or dad
  • number of permission from parents, including passport duplicates of both parents/ legal defender

  • Where to apply for the france schengen tourist visa Application?

    You will need to pay off your tourist france schengen visa application at the embassy / consulate / visa centre of one's primary destination in the Schengen Area.

    By primary destination, why we all mean:
    • When seeing just one particular Schengen state, submit your software at the embassy / consulate / visa center of this country.
    • When visiting greater than two Schengen states, submit your application in the embassy / consulate / visa center of the nation:
    1. by that you will end up spending more days
    2. In that you simply will measure it first, since you want to devote the same number of times in every.

    Look closely at just how the authorities of one's principal destination have governed bail submission in the nation. In greater states, visa submission is governed through jurisdictions. Be certain to employ the embassy, consulate or visa center of one's destination state, beneath the jurisdiction of which the area where you live drops. If you are interested in applying for a France Schengen visa in UK then you can get assistance with us.

    How to Apply for a Tourist France Schengen Visa?

    To complete your france schengen tourist visa from uk successfully, follow the following measures:
    • Be Sure to qualify for a france schengen tourist visa from uk. Due to how there are several Schengen visa types, you have to be certain that the visa you will need is the one.
    • Find out at which you need to apply.
    • Figure out the very best time to lodge your own tourist visa program .
    • Accumulate the required files to get a tourist Schengen Visa.
    • Create an appointment in the embassy of your destination state . You may have to make this appointment online or on site in the embassy / consulate / visa center.
    • Go to the visa appointment .
    • Purchase the vacationer payment fee.
    • Watch for a reply in your own visa app.

    When to Submit an Application for a France Schengen Tourist Visa from UK?

    Submit your france schengen tourist visa from uk at least 15 calendar days before your intended travel into the Schengen Area. This is the most recent you may record your application. On the flip side, the earliest you can apply for a Tourist visa to the Schengen Zone, will be three weeks previous to your trip. Learn How To Apply For Schengen Visa From UK with our complete guide (step by step).

    How much time does it take to obtain the france tourist visa requirements ?

    It is advisable to put in an application for a Schengen Tourist Visa at fourteen days before the planned holiday season. The Embassy Consulate will then reply in 10 trading times as common (or not as as usually happens ), the time required to proceed all the documentation and also the travellers request. Based upon the scenario, the proceeding period could require upto two months if there is something extraordinary with all the individual instances or any unusual political situation is right on the move.

    How Long Does Valid France Schengen Tourist Visa ?

    Tourist visas are usually valid for stays for more than 3 months . In the event that you are going to be traveling a lot instead of only in one Schengen region it is advisable to fill in the"numerous entry" gap in the applying form. In this fashion in which you will be able to input and leave Schengen Zone because you please for the amount of time enabled on your own visa issued.

    May I Extend a France Schengen Tourist Visa from UK ?

    france tourist visa requirements can be extended only in Some Quite specific occasions such also as:
    • Late Entrance
    • Humanitarian Good Reasons
    • Drive Majeure
    • Important Personal Truth
    But, don't forget the chances to stretch your Schengen visa are surprisingly minimal. In order to find yourself a tourist destination expansion for almost any reason given previously, your application demands quite good discussions. We also provide a spouse schengen visa for France with high quality services.

    Facing Issue To Get France Visa

    Planning a trip to France or its overseas territories? If you need a visa, Visa's For France guides you at each step of your application.