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France Student Visa in UK

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Here are the details on the requirement of a student visa france. Go through these requirements and make a hassle free visa process.

The Original Passport of the Applicant

At the time of appointment applicant must be having a valid passport with at least 2 blank pages with him or her. The passport should not be expired within the 3 months of your return date. The passport also must include applicant’s UK residency permit or if it’s not possible then a new bio metric card would work. In case if, your passport contains visa stamps then applicant must provides both the passport, the old one along with the new passport.

Passport Size Photograph

Applicant must carry two passport size photographs of 45mm X 35 mm. These photographs must have white or pale grey background. Please note that your photograph should not be older than a month. Photo should be simple and you must not wear any fashionable glasses and head coverings in the photos.

The Visa Application Form

At the time of appointment applicant must have a visa application form which contains 37 columns. The last column of the application form which is called the declaration column, it must be filled by the guardian of the applicant along with his or her signatures.

University or College Letter

In this category, a letter from your university or the college is required which confirms your attendance along with the course of study and holiday period. The letter also must mention the expected graduation date in it. Make sure the college letter must not be older than 30 days before the date of your visa application.

Travel Insurance

There are some formalities that must be followed for the travel insurance of the applicant/s. The travel insurance must cover the time duration for which you are intended to stay in France that means time duration must be equal to the period of your intended stay in France or schengen area. If you want to apply also for a France Tourist Visa From UK then you can contact us today for free consultation.

Here are some things to keep in mind for travel insurance as follows

  • Travel insurance must be provided by the bank with which you are having your account.
  • The bank must provide the confirmation on its original letterhead.
  • The confirmation by bank must not be older than that of 30 days of your application.

Travel insurance if taken out at Post office than it should be accompanied by the policy brochure and its original receipt.

Travel Documents

  • When you are travelling by train, flight or bus, make sure you must carry your ticket as a travel proof. As a proof of your ticket you can also carry your the printout or e-tickets which are also acceptable.
  • The ticket must contain the name of the destination where you are going to travel by flight, train or bus.
  • In case if you are travelling by car then you have to provide a registration certificate along with car insurance, driving license, MOY and ferry or Euro tunnel freight booking.
  • If you (applicant) is not the owner of the car and travelling as a passenger then all the documents mentioned above of the driver must be provided. With that the driver must also provide a confirming letter in which driver has to confirm that the applicant will be accompanying him or her in the passenger seat.

Stay or Accommodation

  • Applicant must provide the confirmation of his or her hostel or hotel booking either by fax or e-mail. Confirmation must state the name of applicant, his or her intended stay there along with address of the hotel or hostel and its contact details.
  • If your (applicant) stay is confirmed or sponsored by French residence then an Attestation accursed must be provided by the inviting party. This accursed can be obtain by the local town hall or the police station in France.

Financial Requirements

Under the financial requirements, applicant must follow these things

  • Submit the original 3 month bank statement with applicant’s name and address on it.
  • Bank statement must show the balance of at least £55.00 per person or per day for each intended day of stay in France.
  • The Bank statement must not be older than 30 days of date of application. If the statement is older than 30 days then one can provide original printout of same bank showing your up-to-date balance.
  • The statement must carry your name or the official stamp of bank on it as a confirmation.


In case if you the application is unable to provide your bank statement then in that case you should provide EURO travellers choose to the value of £60.00 for per person – per day for the each intended day of your stay in France, you can also take pre-paid card in your consideration.

France Student Visa - Documents, Process, Fees for Student Visa France

A college france student visa can be an entry permit to the Schengen Zone, granted to third-country nationals needing to enter and continue to be for short-stays in any of those member countries, underneath the goal of studying. This visa permits its holder to stay within the Schengen land to get a maximum of a couple of weeks. In case a study or training class lasts longer than that, you should apply for a Long-Stay student visa france , the embassy of the respective nation. Just the nationals via third party countries that haven't signed a visa-free agreement together with all the Schengen location member countries come needing a france student visa. Book Schengen France Visa Appointment in UK with our highly dedicated visa expert team.

What Documents are Needed When Searching for a France Student Visa in UK?

The mandatory Files to Turn in an Application for france student visa are following:
  • Two visa application forms. Entirely finished, with honest and appropriate answers. Publish it and sign up the form by the very end result.
  • Two identical photos. Taken within the last three months in line with the Schengen visa photo prerequisites .
  • Valid passport. Issued in the past ten years together with validity of at least 3 months after the conclusion of this projected travel.
  • A copy of the passport's biometric info .
  • Previous passports. Tied with a rubber band. Do not staple them!. If you are looking for Business Visa France from UK then visit here.
  • Evidence of residency. Some form of document issued by the state where you are applying from as proof that you're a citizen or resident of that nation.
  • Round trip booking or excursion. Specifying the dates and flight variety of entry and exit from the Schengen area. The following you may find out more about just how to reserve a flight booking for eu visa application.
  • Travel medical insurance. A record issued by an Europe wellbeing insurance, confirming that you have insurance to get your Schengen territory, during all of your stay using a policy of $30,000 for unexpected emergency health conditions.
  • Evidence of accommodation. Evidence at which you're going to be staying at, during your time in the Schengen zone. This could be just one of these subsequent:
  • Dormitory agreement. Signed in between you along with an official of a dormitory from the nation where you're going to soon be remaining.
  • Rent Agreement. A deal having a real estate owner within this Schengen state, specifying the address and other information details concerning the landlord and facility.
  • Letter of Invitation. A letter published by means of a resident from the united states you're employing to enter, confirming they will willingly take you into their dwelling throughout the span you will end up there.
  • Letter of approval at an EU University/College/School. A recent, official and signed correspondence saying that your name/type of studies/length of all studies/part of an European app if applicable/number of hrs each week.
  • Proof of academic qualifications. Diploma, instructional records, attestation of this application for conclusion or decision / dispatch of equivalence.
  • Proof financial way . Documents which show one has the ability to live and fiscally preserve him / herself in their stay in the Schengen zone. This may be 1 among these subsequent:
  • Scholarship. Original attestation of an official scholarship of minimum 631month.
  • Banking account statement. Exhibiting your financial institution balance for the past few months.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Proof of paid out visa fee.
  • Extra Documents necessary for Minors.
An extract of the minor's birth certificate. An identification document bearing the parents' signature (one file for every single parent). A declaration of consent from parents, stating the little could proceed. If relevant: a courtroom decision saying which parent was allotted parental responsibility for the minor. If you want to apply for France Schengen Visa UK then click here.

When related: a statement from your minor's college consenting to his/her absence. Proof occupation.
  • If employed:
  • 1. Employment contract
    2. Leave consent by the employer
    3. Income Tax Yield
  • If self-employed:
  • 1. A Duplicate of the Organization permit,
    2. Organization's bank statement of their Most Recent 6 weeks
    3. Tax Return (ITR)
  • In case a student:
  • 1. Evidence enrollment
    2. No Objection Letter from University

Where to Submit a France Schengen Student Visa Application in UK

You should submit an application to the Schengen Visa application in the liable Embassy / Consulate / VAC, your chief Schengen vacation spot in your region of your residence. To figure that out assess the guidelines on the Best Way Best to Choose the Ideal Embassy/Consulate/VAC to Satisfy the France Schengen Student Visa Application . If you are interested in applying for a France Schengen visa in UK then you can get assistance with us. Apply France Schengen Visa UK with us.

How to Apply for a Student France Schengen Visa in UK

To submit your france student visa successfully, then follow these measures:
  • Assess if you Require a Student Schengen Visa.
  • Figure out exactly where you need to employ.
  • Find the optimal time for you to submit your visa application.
  • Fill out the application form form for a short-stay visa.
  • Gather the Necessary records to get Students Schengen Visa.
  • Make an appointment.
  • Enroll in the interview.
  • Pay the Scholar visa fee.
  • Wait for a reply.

When to Apply for a Student France Schengen Visa in UK?

As Stated by the Schengen rules, the interval inside which you can submit student visa france will be just following: The earliest: three months ahead of your vacation in the direction of Schengen. The newest : 1-5 days prior to your vacation. However, you are highly recommended to employ about four weeks before your death day , since in this fashion in which you can give to this embassy time for processing your visa.

Just How Much Time Does It Take to Obtain a Student France Schengen Visa in UK?

The legal processing time for a student visa france is currently 15 calendar times . In certain cases, you can receive an answer within even shorter periods. However, in extreme scenarios this period could also stretch from 30 to sixty days. Learn How to Apply for Schengen Visa from UK with our complete guide (step by step).

How Long is the Student France Schengen Visa valid for?

The Validity of France Schengen Visa UK Document Requirements will be up to three weeks inside a specified period. When you have the passport together with the visa inside it, assess the visa sticker info , to be sure in regards to the validity time period and also the length of allowed stay in the Schengen region.

Could I extend the Students France Schengen Visa?

A student visa for France in UK may be stretched only in some very special circumstances such as late entry, humanitarian reasons, force majeure or major personal reasons. For more information, Study How to Extend a Schengen Visa. But should you want to extend your Student france Schengen Visa with all the objective of continuing your reports within the Schengen State at which you are in, that isn't possible. As an alternative, you'll need to go back to your house state / state of dwelling and employ from there to get a long-stay analysis visa.

Can I work Beneath a Student Schengen Visa in Europe?

No, you cannot. Some long-stay analysis Visas let college students use to get a restricted quantity of hours per week. But, no Schengen member state gives you the ability to receive a job under a Student Schengen Visa. We also provide a spouse schengen visa for France with high quality services. Get info about France Schengen Visa UK Fees.

Can I bring my family to Europe with a Student Schengen Visa?

Your relatives may submit an application to get a france tourist visa from uk or some visa for visiting nearest and dearest . However, you can't bring them over under some other family visa, in virtually any Schengen nation.

Is there some age limit to submit an application to get a Student France Schengen Visa in UK?

There is no age limitation for those that would like to get a Schengen visa to attend a training or study course at the Schengen Zone.

Facing Issue To Get France Visa

Planning a trip to France or its overseas territories? If you need a visa, Visa's For France guides you at each step of your application.